Dedication Plaque

My girl finally got her “dedication plaque” installed. You were the best daughter a mom could ever ask for. I thank God for allowing you to be my daughter. Miss you H…every day. Thank you to all of Harlie’s family, friends, and the community in this special valley for making Harlie’s Greenhouse a reality. Love you girl. p.s. that is the sky showing through the mountains…awesome!

5th Grade

Check out the 5th grader’s Harvest

Got dirt?

Got dirt? Have you seen the pallets of compost, potting soil, and topsoil at Harlie’s Greenhouse? Thank you Colorado Biochar Resources of Pueblo for donating the soil for our pumpkin patch. Big Kim will start working on the pumkin patch as soon as it dries up.

Tower Garden!

Mrs. Donlon makes a salad for her 4th grade class. The lettuce was grown in an aeroponic growing system using one of four Tower Gardens purchased with money raised during our second Hoofit4Harlie run. Thank you supporters of Harlie’s Greenhouse!

Tomatoes, lettuce and more!


A day at the Greenhouse!

5th Grade Harvest

Look what was hiding in the squash garden bed today…the 5th graders took home tomatoes, squash, zucchini, bell peppers, jalapenos, and more today.  Thank you summer garden campers for planting all those yummy veggies this summer!


Better late than never…our few pumpkins are trying to make it before Halloween!!!








Grapes are growing!!!

The grapes are growing…the grapes are growing INSIDE the greenhouse!!!

Thank You Lowes!!!

Lowes delivered our materials for the 14 x 14 shed. The shed will be built on the south side of the grow space and hold all our tools and supplies during the winter months.
Thank you Lowes for the Toolbox for Education Grant of $5000!

2nd Annual Hoof it 4 Harlie

A HUGE Thank you to our DRG folks for coming up and making this multi Garrison event even more special and heartfelt!


1/2 Marathon Times 2015

Name Event time
Castro, Jason 1/2 marathon 1:31’10
Navarro, Larry 1/2 marathon 1:34’23
Sillox, Ted 1/2 marathon 1:46’08
Reese, Jordan 1/2 marathon 1:52’52
Crepeaux, Denise 1/2 marathon 1:58’42
Likes, Shauna 1/2 marathon 1:59’20
Baxter, Ruth 1/2 marathon 1:59’55
Prichard, Teri 1/2 marathon 2:02’44
Ksiazek, David 1/2 marathon 2:04’53
Currie, Lawrence 1/2 marathon 2:10’21
Maestas, Susanna 1/2 marathon 2:10’46
Overmoe, Ken 1/2 marathon 2:11’00
Ammeter, Cheryl 1/2 marathon 3:02’36
Barickman, Kevin 1/2 marathon 3:39′


1/2 Marathon Times 2014

Name Event time
Urbina, Rob 1/2 marathon 1:31’13
Castro, Jason 1/2 marathon 1:38’26
Gonzales, Mark 1/2 marathon 1:41’10
Prichard, Teri 1/2 marathon 1:52’04
Cook, Katie 1/2 marathon 2:07’03
Fox, Steve 1/2 marathon 2:07’03
Schulle, Scott 1/2 marathon 2:13’35
Peterson, Remington 1/2 marathon 2:58’15
Peterson, Brandon 1/2 marathon 2:58’19
Gacnik, Jill 1/2 marathon 3:07’17
Faris, Jody 1/2 marathon 3:07’19
White, Joetta 1/2 marathon 3:07’35


2015 5k Times

Name Event time
Aguilar, Siria 5k 37’58
Atencio, Amanda 5k 38’35
Atencio, Angelina 5k 38’36
Ballas, Dawn 5k 28’11
Barickman, Joan 5k 56’05
Barickman, Ruby 5k 32’10
Blasing, Amy 5k 59’26
Blasing, Mackenzie 5k 61’25
Branch, Doug 5k 59’26
Brunick, Jake 5k 50’02
Burkhardt, Casey 5k 47’58
Camerlo, Barbara 5k 44’23
Chadwick, Beth 5k 42’52
Chadwick, Rachel 5k 43’06
Chadwick, Rob 5k 49’31
Chadwick, Sarah 5k 47’59
Christie, John 5k 42’51
Dalton, Weston 5k 27’21
Dernier, Brandon 5k 62’43
Dodge, Cody 5k 51’58
Dodge, Kathy 5k 53’34
Donlon, Chance 5k 36’39
Donlon, Jaime 5k 54’57
Donlon, Olivia 5k 54’55
Flower, Brooke 5k 40’52
Flower, Jason 5k 34’40
Frick, Carolyn 5k 50’59
Frick, Katelyn 5k 50’27
Goldberg, Jabrey 5k 44’03
Goldberg, Jacey 5k 60’15
Goldberg, Tasha 5k 59’27
Goldstein, Montana 5k 48’00
Haas, Spencer 5k 28’23
Hamm, Jeremy 5k 26’22
Harrison, Sally 5k 47’58
Houghton, Debbie 5k 57’18
Hunter, Travis 5k 39’10
Kenney, Cade 5k 57’18
Kenney, Kelly 5k 58’19
Kenney, taylor 5k 62’41
Kirkland, Charli 5k 61’23
Klipfel, Lisa 5k 55’41
Krasieski, Greg 5k 50’26
Martindale, Curtis 5k 62’43
McKinley, Kayla 5k 58’20
Messick, Maegan 5k 61’23
Montoya, Nancy 5k
Mullen, Shane 5k 43’19
Mullen, Sheppard 5k 43’07
Neelan, Pam 5k
Peterson, Brandon 5k 30’08
Peterson, Eruka 5k 42’06
Peterson, Lindsey 5k 51’05
Peterson, Remington 5k 27’28
Pettinari, Bethany 5k
Pickman, Donna 5k 51’57
Ragan, Josh 5k 39’20
Reese, Natalie 5k 54’49
Reifschneider, Linda 5k 51’48
Roybal, Cienna 5k 57’29
Roybal, Leaunna 5k 57’27
Roybal, Montana 5k 57’19
Schaiberger, Kathy 5k 54’56
Schuette, Donna 5k 54’43
Scott, Angel 5k 51’48
Scott, Jack 5k 46’16
Sharp, Jacquelynn 5k 42’21
Sharp, Jenna 5k 41’27
Shrewsbury, Justin 5k 39’19
Shull, Andrea 5k 32’58
Stinchcomb, Kelby 5k 54’50
Stinchcomb, Lana 5k 54’51
Stinchcomb, Monica 5k 34’38
Stinchcomb, Sady 5k 34’35
Vizcarra, Melissa 5k 40’53
Whitsell, Andrew 5k 27’53