Cindy Bailey from Forget me not florist is Colorado City gave the greenhouse all these seeds! Now teachers and students can go into the library at Rye Elementary and pick from a variety of flower seeds or vegetable seeds, take them to the greenhouse, and start growing! Thank you Cindy for your continued support of Harlie’s Greenhouse.

Fresh Veggies!!!

Students and their parents got to take home some fresh veggies from the greenhouse during the open house at Rye Elementary.
Zucchini plus carrots….kids also picked tomatoes, yellow squash, radishes, bell peppers, jalapeño peppers, strawberries, and a couple of blue berries. Thank you for visiting the greenhouse every one!

Our long tailed lizard made an appearance.

Our long tailed lizard made an appearance.

Bird Houses!

The birds love their new houses. Thank you Lauri and Rich Tucker for donating bird houses and feeders to the greenhouse.

Summer Gardening Camp!!!

Students at garden camp get to make pine cone bird feeders with Mrs. Pigg this week. Did you know that birds love peanut butter and cheerios? Mrs. Pigg sure knows how to attract birds to Harlie’s Greenhouse….Thanks Mrs. Pigg…awesome job.

Thank You! RockYard Co 719-547-2011

The Rockyard in Pueblo West donated over $500 in sand.
The sand is being used on the flagstone pathway on the east side of the school. Thank you Rockyard for supporting Harlie’s Greenhouse.

Summer Gardening Camp!!!

Students “eat like a bird” with Mrs. Donlon this week at gardening camp. They learned about how birds have specialized beaks for feeding. Yummy fill my tummy! Thanks Mrs. Donlon.

Harvest Time!

Students at the garden camp harvest radishes, snap peas, and one banana pepper. Future farmers in the making.

Summer Gardening Camp!!!

Mrs. Dimatteo shows the students her vermicomposting bin at the garden camp. Students learned about “red wiggler” worms this week…ending in a “worm race”. Awesome job Mrs. D.

Needing Volunteer!!!

If you would like to volunteer at Harlie’s Greenhouse please contact us .

We need some help!!! Pulling weeds, planting, watering, ect……….

and when the children are back in session volunteers are needed when they have garden time.